Your 1 page businessplan in a secured online monitoring tool, easily accessible and shared with other people

OGSM Software is the easy way to monitor, update and communicate the company’s path to success

OGSM software provides strategic direction

To your agile transformation

Your OGSMs are the connection between board, product and team levels. It integrates with agile development tools. It is then simple to follow the progress and effectiveness of your change organization allowing you to steer the change.

The software to make your strategic implementation work

Automated reminders and updates Action owners get reminders to update the OGSM and therefore stays top of mind
Dashboard with a real time overview of the progress Always up-to-date with the ability to make timely strategic adjustments
Updates are made in the same online environment, thus immediately synchronized Everybody works online with the latest version
Automated (vertical & horizontal) cascade* Saves considerable time copy and pasting
Customized differentiated authorisation options Relevant information and functionalities for all different user types
Automated synchronisation between different OGSMs* All OGSMs really add up

Realize your company’s ambitions with OGSM

The OGSM – 1 page business strategy is a powerful goal-setting framework. OGSM stands for Objective, Goals, Strategies and Measures. This method pulls your business plan together on a single page so that your strategy is clear, focused, easily actioned and easily shared. OGSM helps you to:

  • Translate your ambition into concrete, measurable and aligned actions at all levels in the organisation
  • Make real business choices; decide on what and what not to do and focus on
  • Easy tool to communicate your strategy, desired results and choices to all stakeholders
  • Create ownership and focus on the desired results
  • Prioritizes efforts and monitor progress in a agile world

Turn your strategy into great results

The 1 page businessplan enables leaders and teams to focus on work that delivers the results for success.
The OGSM software helps you monitor, communicate and achieve these results.

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